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About Lucky Lucky Studios

      On Sept 19, 2017, I was the passenger in a bad car crash that, according to the paramedics, I should have never survived. Due to the severity of the crash, when I arrived at the emergency room doctors on staff gave me the identifying name of “Lucky Lucky” rather than the typical name Jane Doe.


     Following my discharge from the hospital, I was faced with many new physical and mental obstacles. Anxiety, PTSD, and seemingly unceasing panic attacks left my hopes of returning to a joy-filled life bleak. Though physical and mental therapies gave me tools for taking steps in the right direction, there was nothing that could bring ease to my mind in the way creating art did and continues to do. Within every hand-crafted piece comes forth a joy within me I cannot bring to words. On my website, you will find my return of that joy in physical form. My hope is that these works can bring to you the same joy they do for me. Thank you for your love and continued support.

Founder and Owner,
Macey Hardridge


"The pain passes but the beauty remains"

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

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