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Jewelry Care


Custom Orders:

  • I currently am not accepting custom requests for jewelry, however occasionally I open a very limited amount of custom slots for hand-stitched embroidery work. Feel free to direct message me on either instagram (@luckyluckystudios) or twitter (@_macey23) with your custom embroidery inquiries to see if I am currently accepting orders. Embroidery customs begin at a $100 minimum. 

To Send Me a Dead Bug or Kind Letter:

  • I only accept/use ethically sourced bugs that have passed away from natural causes! If you happen to come across a bee, ladybug, beetle or anything cool feel free to send it to me. The safest way to do so is adding it in a small box and putting that in a bubble mailer. My P.O. Box is:

Macey Hardridge

P.O. Box 1243

Pismo Beach, CA 93448

Shipping Time:

  • I ship orders every Monday. All orders come with a tracking number that will be sent to the email provided at checkout.

Hand- Embroidery Care Instructions:

  • To maintain the longest lasting beauty of your new hand-stitched piece, washing by hand is recommended. If you do use a washer, be sure to use cold water and air dry. When washing by hand, pretreat the item as needed for stains, then turn inside out. Use cold water and your regular soap or detergent. Then diverge the item and use hands to agitate the water and detergent. Soak for 30 minutes. Press the item against the sink to remove water; do not twist or wring water out. always air dry.

Jewelry Care Instructions:

  • My jewelry is made of yellowing resistant resin. The chains are either gold or silver plated with the base metal being brass unless otherwise stated. To maintain the longest lasting beauty of jewelry, avoid contact with water. Long exposure to sunlight may cause them to warp over time.

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